Meet Kathy


Kathy Pierson is a business/life and mindset coach for people on a mission to live life in alignment with their goals and dreams. She completed a BA in Education and a Master's Degree in Psychology, and has been a licensed psychologist for over 17 years. She has worked in both the clinical and educational sector, specializing in positive behavioral psychology. 

She has delivered keynote addresses at conferences and workshops including Fostering Resilience after Trauma, The Science of Gratitude, and Highway to Happiness, along with a variety of other speaking engagements. She also produces a podcast for entrepreneurs, Let's Get Clear! with Kathy Pierson.

Kathy’s mission is to empower women to become experts and thought leaders in their area of expertise. She has worked with thousands of clients, many of whom have experienced life-changing results and created a new trajectory for their life. With her supportive and responsive coaching techniques that provide clarity, resources, powerful tools, her clients have been able to carve out a life in true alignment with who they were created to be. 

Kathy's Journey


All my life, my greatest desire was to be able to help others. After graduating college with a Bachelor of Educator, I taught for nearly five years. I loved teaching, but I saw so much need for mental health services, and I wanted to do more to help people get through their psychological issues. This led me to the field of psychology, where I spent 17 years in the private and educational sector, specializing in positive behavioral psychology.  

I had a very fulfilling job with a full roster of clients, many of whom I was able to help make positive changes to improve their quality of life. I was thriving. In my tenth year of working as a psychologist, I realized that I had a desire to be more, to have more, and to impact more lives. There was something missing. 

But what was it? By society’s standards I should have been happy. I had a thriving private practice making a six figure income. But I wasn't. I ignored my feelings for several years after that.

One day, I found that I couldn't push back my feelings any longer, and  I decided it was time that I took a chance on myself to find out what I needed to be truly satisfied. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I was certain I could not find it while caring for so many others' needs at work. On that day I took my leave not knowing if I would ever return. Not knowing what the future would hold, but knowing I had to explore the possibilities.

I committed to a journey of self-discovery and unlocking my true passion, even though I had no idea what that was or how I could turn it into a career! I began journaling, meditating, and reading many personal development books.I worked hard to figure out KATHY PIERSON and, if I'm honest, I continue this journey daily. However, during this journey I built a vast repertoire of skills and experiences that led me to live a career and lifestyle in alignment with who I was created to be.